Concrete Sealer - Painting

Sealing the exterior of your home prior to repainting is an important step in the process.

Why should concrete be sealed?

It is important to seal exterior concrete to serve as a stain repellent, reduce dust, reduce abrasions, resist chemicals and maintain an great appearance.

What happens if I skip sealing my concrete?

Concrete is a porous material that absorbs liquids. This lead to discoloration and damage to your exterior.

How will my wall look after sealing?

Most sealers are nearly invisible because they penetrate into the concrete.

How long will sealer last?

Chemical sealers can last longer than 10 years. Epoxy sealers usually last 5-10 years. Acrylic-resin sealers may only last 1 to 3 years.

Can I apply sealer myself?

Many sealers can be applied by the home owner. However, high-performance sealers require professional installation. Lozano Bros. Painting has specialized tools and application techniques that are needed to apply high-end sealers. Give us a call today to learn more.