Exterior Home Painting

Exterior home painting is one of the quickest ways to transform your home.  However, there are important steps to take prior to beginning the project.  It is important to prepare the exterior prior to applying paint.

Check for cracks and peeling paint

The exterior of your home can easily develop cracks and areas of chipped or peeling paint.  Painting over these areas will not solve your issues long term.  These areas must be sanded properly for paint to fully adhere and match the other areas of the home.

Repair Trim

If you have any warped, broken or peeling trim this needs to be corrected prior to painting.  Make sure you scrape any debris off the area and fill in any holes.  Your exterior paint will thank you in the end.

Pressure Wash

Pressure washing your home before a new paint is very important.  This is a great way to remove any unwanted grunge and allow the primer/paint to adhere to the walls.  Pressure washing is often an overlooked aspect of an exterior paint project.

Hire a Professional

Lozano Bros Painting makes sure your home is prepped prior to painting.  We don’t skip steps and we make sure your home is going to look beautiful for a long time.  We operate in Port St. Lucie, Ft. Pierce and all along the Treasure Coast.  If you are considering painting the exterior of your home, call us for a free quote!