Splattered Paint

Maintaining a beautiful home with young kids can be an extreme challenge.  Most parents have experienced the horror of a child drawing all over freshly painted walls.  Fortunately Lozano Bros. Painting can help you maintain your home.

Kids rooms get abused.  Walls can be covered in crayon, ink, pencil or permanent marker.  In addition, dirty hands, food and other objects are constantly being placed on the walls.  No one wants to re-paint a room several times throughout the year.  There are options to help keep the rooms looking good.

Pro-Quality Paint

High quality paint is much more durable and can be cleaned easier.  Professional quality paint, like the paint Lozano Bros. uses, will hold up much better than DIY paint from a local box store.

Teflon Surface Paint

Teflon surface paint combines a liquid additive that allows a protective coating to your walls.  This surface prevents dirt and markers from sticking to the walls, and allows them to be cleaned easier.  Usually, light soap and water can remove the contaminant and prevent it from penetrating into the walls.

High Gloss Paint + Wainscot

High-gloss paint makes it much easier to scrub off stains.  When combined with Wainscot, a hardboard that covers lower walls, children’s rooms can remain looking clean and new.