Commercial Painter Tradition

The coronavirus pandemic has had a major impact on virtually every business in the country, if not the entire world. Some have been forced to close, while others have been able to adapt and fight through the economic challenges all are facing.

Lozano Bros Painting is one of the companies that has been able to work through the pandemic. “We have faced tremendous challenges,” stated Alberto Lozano. “We have made the adjustments to conform with CDC guidelines and marketed to home and business owners, who have responded. We are not as busy as we were prior to the pandemic, but we have been able to pay our staff and keep everyone employed.”

The Clubhouse at Vitalia is a project Lozano Bros Painting has recently completed. The company was hired to paint the exterior of the Clubhouse with a high build primer and quality color retention paint.

Vitalia Commercial Painting

“Vitalia was a big commercial project,” added Lozano. “Our team prepped, primed and painted the Clubhouse. And we got the job done on time.”

In addition to Vitalia, Lozano Bros Painting also recently completed painting of the new Starbucks on Okeechobee Road in Ft. Pierce. “Our business is structured so we can handle a high volume of both commercial and residential projects,” said Michael Lozano.

Many homeowners have been staying home due to the pandemic. During that time, some have realized the paint has faded, chipped or simply looks bad. A new coat of paint improves curb appeal and the overall value of a home. Lozano Bros Painting offers virtual estimates on all interior and exterior projects. Their goal is to provide each customer with the highest quality work while keeping everyone safe.

Lozano Bro’s Painting has over 35 years of combined local experience. They understand that St. Lucie County offers many options when searching for a painting company. They also understand that you do not want to sacrifice quality or timeliness when it comes to your particular project. This is why so many people trust Lozano Bros Painting & Decorating, LLC when it comes to interior and exterior painting. Their goal is to make you happy, and with over 1000 colors to choose from, you can let your imagination go.

“Painting your exterior is one maintenance task that should not be overlooked,” added Michael Lozano. “It protects your biggest investment and provides many other benefits.”

Lozano Bros Painting provide services to both residential and commercial customers. They are licensed and insured.