Curb Appeal

Investing time and money into the exterior of your home can improve your curb appeal and bring life to your living space.   Even better, upgrades can provide a high return on investment if you are considering selling your property.  The outside of your house can make a great impression.

Paint Your Front Door

Painting your front door can have an instant impact on your entire house.  This is a task that can be accomplished with a gallon of paint and a bright idea.  If you want a custom creation you can consider decorative features, sketched glass, lighting and material.  This is a great way to quickly change the feeling of your house.

Build a Porch

Sitting on a rocking chair on a porch is a great way to relax in the Florida weather.  Adding fencing, screening or decking to an existing space can be a quick project.  If your home does not currently have any space you can still build a porch from scratch and add square footage to your house. Consider precast concrete, outside flooring or other architectural designs that will allow you to relax in comfort and style.

Install New Windows

As we head into the heart of hurricane season it can be a burden to worry about installing and removing hurricane shutters constantly.  Now is a great time to consider installing hurricane, impact resistant windows.  Installing new windows can help your home in many ways.  Hurricane windows can improve the overall look of the house, they can protect the house and they can significantly reduce the costs of energy.

There are many projects that can help improve your homes curb appeal.  Lozano Bros Painting can provide you a custom paint job, pressure wash your exterior and even fill in cracks and damage to your exterior structure.  Please give us a call if we can help you in any way.