Best paint colors to help you sell your home

Changing the exterior color of your home when you are about to sell it can be an easy and efficient way to improve the value of your home.  A fresh coat of paint can be a relatively low expense that has a significant return on investment.  Painting your house can often help the home sell quicker and with a higher value.

Exterior Paint

GreigeWhen choosing the right paint color for the exterior of your home you want to consider the look of the surrounding neighborhood houses.  If your home has a highly contrasting color it may stand out for the wrong reasons.  Choosing neutral colors can often be the most appealing colors for home buyers.  One of the most popular current trends for the exterior paint color is Greige.  This color combines a light gray and a warm beige to create a very modern look.  According to Zillow, home owners have seen an increase of almost $3,500 when using greige over similar brown and tan homes.  In South Florida choosing a blue color can also be appealing.  Many home buyers are looking for the “beachy” feel of key west style homes.

Interior Paint

When choosing interior paint colors for selling your home it is often best to stick with a classic white, light gray or beige color.  Lighter colors help rooms look larger and help buyers envision designing their new home.  Overly bright or contrasting colors can be distracting.  Clean, light walls will also make it easier for the home buyer to potentially paint over it when they move in.

Lozano Bros Painting has home designers that can help you pick out the best colors for what you are trying to accomplish.  In addition, we have tools that will allow you to visualize your colors before we paint.  Give us a call today.