Improve Exterior Landscape

Wish your grass was a little greener? Or have you always wanted a brick patio? Whether you want to grow fresh veggies or a garden of roses, spring is a great time to start planning and planting.

But before you begin digging up your garden or sprinkling fertilizer, make sure that you have a plan. Decide what type of softscaping and hardscaping you’d like, consider pest control and make sure you know what kind of soil and drainage you’re working with.

Not sure where to start? This guide will give you helpful tips to create the lawn and garden of your dreams. You may have been waiting all winter for warmer weather. It’s finally here, and that means you have all spring and summer to plan, plant and cultivate a new flower bed or lush lawn. Or perhaps you’ve been dreaming of your own patio, fire pit or garden path.

Now’s the perfect time to get started on your landscaping projects. And in case you’re not sure where to begin, we’ve put together this handy guide for you. From planning to fertilizing to hardscaping, you’re sure to find the information you need to create your dream yard.

Spring Landscaping Tips


Before you start, take stock of what you have and what you want. Are there bushes or shrubs you’d like to highlight? Do you want to refresh a neglected flower bed? Have you always wanted a patio? Make a list of tasks you’d like to accomplish this season. And when it comes to planting, always take climate and available sun into account.

Fertilizing & Pest Control

Spring is one of the best times to fertilize. You’ll want to fertilize when the grass or soil is dry, and then water afterward. Not sure what to fertilize with? A soil test will tell you what your lawn or garden is lacking. Remember: Fertilizer is a soil supplement, not plant food. Pest control starts with identification. You’ll want to find out what’s bothering your plants and treat accordingly.


Pay attention to all of the horticultural aspects of your garden: flowers, shrubs, trees, grasses and so on. Do you want a bright flower bed or a vegetable garden? You might need a garden that helps prevent erosion. Ideally, the overall look will complement your home. These elements will all be contained and highlighted by hardscaping.


What’s hardscaping? It’s all the non-plant features of your landscaping such as paths, patios and fountains. These elements will help define your yard and, if planned correctly, can help with drainage. Hardscaping provides balance to your greenery, so it should be planned in conjunction with your softscaping