Paint cans bright color options

Storing paint properly is important to make sure your paint lasts.

Disposal of Paint The best way to dispose of paint is to bring it to a recycling center.  Paint can be toxic and you do not want to pollute the environment.  If you have an oil-based paint it is considered hazardous waste and must be taken to a recycling center. If you are disposing of latex paint you have the option of adding equal parts cat litter into the paint can.  Once the cat litter is stirred and becomes thick you can throw it in the garbage.

Seal Your Paint

It is important to make sure you paint is completely sealed before you put it away.  Make sure all the grooves on the paint can are cleaned with a rag.  Tap the lid down to secure it, making sure you do not bend or dent the lid.

Cool Dark Location

Make sure you store your paint in a cool, dark location, off the ground.  You do not want moisture rusting away your paint cans.  A hot location can dry your paint out and reduce it’s life.  A cold location can cause the paint to separate and ruin it.

Life Span

If you store your paint properly you should expect it to last around ten years.  High-quality paint can last up to fifteen years.